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Let us help you become
the next hot artist!

The HitzMaker app is connected to a network of influential radio professionals in the US,
and who knows, one of them could offer you the break you need to start your music journey.

Get played on the radio

HitzMaker users will have a chance to be featured on US and Puerto Rico's most popular spanish radio stations.

Sing with your favorite music stars

You applaud for your favorite Hitz and the winners will have a chance to sing next to their favorite hispanic music stars on stage.

Be discovered

If you have what it takes, HitzMaker can help you be discovered as America's next top hispanic music artist.

Share your talents

Share your talents
with the world
Compete for prizes

Whether you are an seasoned music artist looking for their big break, just getting started in the industry, or just looking to share your talents, HitzMaker will help you reach the next level.


Search for your favorite music

See who made it to the top.

Follow and create new trends

Superstardom starts right here,
inside your pocket.

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Find your favorite hitzmaker

Want to show your love? Follow the artists that move and inspire you.

applaud your favorite hitz

Applaud your favorite HitzMaker giving
them a chance to be discovered.

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Download Your Version
of HitzMaker Today

Do you have what it takes to break into the music industry? We think so!

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No rules. Just talent.

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